Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Forgotten Table

This coffee table was actually one my hubby came across in one of the buildings he'd bought.  A tenant had left it behind and so it was headed to the dumpster.  My husband (smart man that he is) sent me a quick picture of it and asked if it was something I would be interested in.  Um, YES!

It was in ok shape.  The the top was quite chipped and scratched, but being solid wood I knew it could look great with a little help.

I removed the top and got to work giving the bottom a light sanding and a coat of primer.  Don't you just love my paint station...also known as a front deck! ;)

The top took a little more work.  I stripped it of the old varnish, gave it a good sanding and then started staining the top with a pre mixed mahogany/poly stain.  I took this picture after the first coat, but I think I put on a total of 3 coats to achieve the dark rich color I was hoping for.

Once everything was dry, I distressed the bottom just a bit my giving a couple of the edges a light sand and then covered the entire table with a water based, non yellowing glossy acrylic clear coat.  This gave the table a gorgeous glossy finish and will protect it a little more.

The hardware is missing in the picture as I had planned to check  out a few different options rather than use the dated hardware that was originally on the table.

I just love the shape of the legs!  It was hard to see past the ugly/dated orangy wood, but with the white paint, I think the gorgeous shape of the legs really stand out now.

I was really happy with how the makeover on this coffee table turned out!


  1. very nice!
    Love the dark wood

  2. Looks great!! I love the distressed look!


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