Friday, October 24, 2014

Black Beauty

Just a really quick post!  Life is busy (isn’t it always?) and so I haven’t been able to paint as much as I’d hoped.   

While I shared pictures on my facebook page, I realized I never actually posted them there.  I'd been asked to paint a dining room set for a friend.  She'd been collecting the pieces over time and hoped to have it painted the same to tie it all together.  It started out as a basic maple wood set that she’d requested be painted black and lightly distressed to match a china cabinet she already had.  She also requested I stain the table and bench top..  

It took some time and I had a few issues with a few of the products, but I was thrilled with how the set turned out!

So there you go - a super quick blog post! ;)  Thanks for popping by!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bye Bye Blue

Do you recognize this dresser?   

 You may recall this past June I refinished this dresser that had certainly been through a lot before it came to me!   

At that time, I had planned to keep it for our sons room which is why I went with a fairly bold blue.  

 Of course, after it was painted, I came across a different dresser that was going to work out better for his room.  So, I choose to list the blue dresser.  I guess the color was a little too bold because it ended up not selling.  Well, I decided I would take it back into my workshop and go with a neutral color.  I chose to use a warm cream I already had in my paint stash as it’s one of my favourite creams.  After the paint, I finished it with a glossy clear coat.

With the new paint color, I chose to go with all new hardware as well.  The top drawer pulls were purchased locally, but I wanted something a little different for the bottom drawers and ended up having to custom order them.   

I am so happy with the way this dresser has turned out – it’s now complete and ready for a new home!

Thanks for popping by!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Sad to say I actually don't have any before pictures of this project!  I picked up this little rocking chair a number of years ago and had painted it a minty green for our daughter.  After a few years of use, I was ready to apply some fresh paint.

I chose to use a soft "vintage-y" pink and added a sweet little transfer I found online.  I finished it all off with a glossy clear coat!

It's now in my shop and ready for a new home.

Thanks for popping by!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farmhouse Tallboy Dresser

I love this dresser!  I picked it up last year and it sat (as do most of my projects) until I finally got an opportunity to work on it.

I’d planned to strip the paint off the top and stain the wood underneath and then paint the rest....

 ...but changed my mind partway through and painted the entire thing.  I decided to try something completely different and used a new paint technique which gave it a great faux chippy paint look!   

*Happy Sigh*  Love the mirror....

...and those sweet little wooden caster wheels – so cute!

I had to replace one of the drawer bottoms (it was badly damaged) and then lined all the drawers in a soft green vinyl.  

I absolutely love the way it turned out!  This beautiful dresser was finished with a glossy clear coat and is almost ready for its new home.

Thanks for popping by!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sweet Petite...

Here’s a super quick blog post about a cutie little night table I had finished painting and then set aside. I came across this night stand last year and was pleased to see it was in decent shape – other than the current paint job which wasn’t quite my taste.  (Pic is from the original online ad)

I decided to keep it simple and give it my regular paint treatment.  Good sanding, primer, crisp white paint and finished with a glossy clear coat.  

As mentioned, the  table was in great shape - drawer was spotless!  

You may have noticed the drawer is missing a pull.  I actually finished painting it over a month ago (could have been 2 months…) but knew I didn’t want to use the original drawer pull, but instead go with something unique.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t yet come across what I wanted (not really quite knowing WHAT I wanted).  Anyway, when one of my good friends mentioned she was finishing up a room and searching for a bedside table and asked if I had anything, this one came to mind.  She already had hardware she wanted to use, so it worked out perfectly!  I can’t wait to see the finished room all put together. 

Have to apologize for the poor quality of my “after” pics.  I actually took them with my cell phone.  Normally I take the time to properly stage and photograph my furniture pieces with my good camera, but it’s been a busy/crazy week and I just needed to get pics taken asap!

Thanks for popping by!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beautiful Blue

Last summer a friend of mine contacted me asking if I would be interested in two dressers they had “inherited” from a previous owner when they purchased their home.  The dressers had been sitting in a barn and had certainly been through a lot. 

I decided to start with this one.  

I loved the shape of the legs and it seemed in better shape than the other one, although still far from perfect.  The veneer along the top and the drawer fronts definitely had to go.  Not only had the top been used as a bird's outhouse, but sitting outdoors had affected the glue and the veneer had come loose and was peeling off.

I started by removing the veneer on the top.  It came off fairly easily with only a few spots that needed some work.  

I wasn't sure what I would find under the veneer and was happy to find solid wood I would be able to clean up.  After sanding, I stained the wood with a dark stain and finished it with a few coats of glossy polyurethane.

The veneer on the bottom drawers also came off without a problem.  Unfortunately the veneer on one upper drawer put up a fight and was definitely NOT as easy to remove.   

It took a wet cloth, a very hot iron, a burned finger and a LOT of time to get it off. Because of the thin wood “frame” around the upper drawers, I had to be careful to cut around the frame with a blade before attempting to remove the veneer. 

The dresser base and drawers were sanded, primed and sprayed in a beautiful dark blue and finished with a glossy clear coat.   

The interior of the drawers were all sanded down and cleaned up and I will be be lining them with fresh new vinyl. 

I originally refinished this piece with the intention to put it in my sons room, but shortly after finishing it, I came across another dresser that was going to work a little better for him, so this one gets to find a new home.   

If you have a spot in your home that this dresser could fill, let me know!  This dresser should be ready to go within the next few days.

Thanks for popping by!