Monday, November 5, 2012

From Roadside to Center Stage

Another successful makeover...and this one almost didn’t happen!  Let me explain. ;)  My husband and I had decided to take the kids for a relaxing Sunday afternoon drive when we drove by this dresser at the end of a driveway with a “free” sign leaning against it.  I glanced over at my hubby who knew, without a single word from me, that he should probably turn around so I could look at it.  I quickly tossed the suggestion aside thinking there was absolutely no way we’d be able to get it home in the van, so we carried on our way.  Long story short, we ended up coming back to look at it, dropped one of the van seats down and just barely managed to squeeze this beast in for the ride home.

After getting it home and having a chance to inspect it a bit more, I knew the center door would have to go.  It had been badly damaged with the hinges ripped out and was beyond repair.  Rather than replace the door, I chose to fill the existing holes and leave the center drawers visible.   After that, it was sanded down and primed.  Wow, what a difference just a coat of primer can make!

When it came time to paint, I was tempted to go with color.  My first thought was actually light PINK!  I could easily image it in a little girls nursery.  Knowing that this piece would be listed for sale once finished though, I thought it would be best to stick to a neutral color.  ;)  I chose to paint the top a rich dark espresso and the base in a linen cream.  Because the top is such a dark color, it needed to sit for a few weeks to allow the paint to cure.  To finish it, I applied a glossy protective clear coat.

With the center door removed, I wanted to add some visual interest to the simple center drawers.  I think the addition of the numbers works perfectly!

I’m always excited to see the dovetail drawer construction!

              Love the detail along the edge....

              ....and that glossy top!

I liked the shape of the original hardware and it was still in great shape, so I chose to reuse it.  To update it, I sprayed it in an Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.  

I’m happy with this makeover and look forward to seeing it in its new home.  This piece has now been listed and is available in my shop.

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