Friday, July 18, 2014

Sweet Petite...

Here’s a super quick blog post about a cutie little night table I had finished painting and then set aside. I came across this night stand last year and was pleased to see it was in decent shape – other than the current paint job which wasn’t quite my taste.  (Pic is from the original online ad)

I decided to keep it simple and give it my regular paint treatment.  Good sanding, primer, crisp white paint and finished with a glossy clear coat.  

As mentioned, the  table was in great shape - drawer was spotless!  

You may have noticed the drawer is missing a pull.  I actually finished painting it over a month ago (could have been 2 months…) but knew I didn’t want to use the original drawer pull, but instead go with something unique.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t yet come across what I wanted (not really quite knowing WHAT I wanted).  Anyway, when one of my good friends mentioned she was finishing up a room and searching for a bedside table and asked if I had anything, this one came to mind.  She already had hardware she wanted to use, so it worked out perfectly!  I can’t wait to see the finished room all put together. 

Have to apologize for the poor quality of my “after” pics.  I actually took them with my cell phone.  Normally I take the time to properly stage and photograph my furniture pieces with my good camera, but it’s been a busy/crazy week and I just needed to get pics taken asap!

Thanks for popping by!

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