Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Pretty Pair

I recently finished this pair of bedside tables for a friend who contacted me asking if I had a set of side tables in my current furniture stash.  I was happy to say I did! 

These tables originally had a set of heavy doors on them.  

One of the doors was missing its hardware, but I found the doors dated the piece so I decided they had to go.  They were also covered in cobwebs, ink marks and water rings - highly unattractive! BUT, I wasn't about to complain.  Why you may ask?  Would you believe I actually found them sitting in someones front yard with a "Free" sign on them?  Of course I had to take a chance on them.

It was QUITE the ordeal for me to get them home though.  I still laugh and shake my head when I think about it.  I had all three of my kids AND my double stroller in the what did I do?  I squished one in the back beside the stroller...and the other sat on my passenger front seat!  I received QUITE a few strange looks on the drive home. ;)

I had previously painted one of the tables and had it in our guest room but it was just a little too large for the room and so I never got around to actually finishing it.  All it needed was a light sand and a fresh coat of paint.  The second table was still sitting in my garage patiently waiting for its turn to be refinished.  

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures as I was redoing them!  I filled in the holes with some wood putty, sanded everything down and brushed on a coat of my favorite primer.  Once dry, I sprayed on a few coats of white paint.  I’ve painted a lot of furniture, but I am still always amazed with every single piece at what a difference a coat of paint can make.  I did have to dig out my paint brush and roller to paint the interior of the cabinet just because my paint sprayer was too bulky and I couldn't reach the back.

Once the paint was finished, I applied a few coats of Minwax Polyacrylic in a semi-gloss finish.  I love this clear coat because it’s water based (soap & water clean up!) and it won’t yellow overtime which is a definite plus when painting white or light colored pieces!

This refinish took a bit more work and a lot longer than I anticipated but I'm happy with how they turned out and I hope they will work well in their new home. :)

Here’s one last before and after.  Such a change! 

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