Thursday, June 14, 2012

Retro Rescue

Before & After

I purchased this dresser last year and had it sitting in my office for MONTHS.  

It was in decent shape, but had a few deep scratches and nicks along the top.   

The original hardware had certainly seen better days and I knew it would need to be replaced.  

For this makeover, I decided to remove the wooden handles along the bottom two drawers as I felt they dated the piece a little too much.   They were simple to remove, only being held on with a couple small screws.  I filled the holes, give the entire piece a good sanding and a couple coats of primer.   

A friend asked if I would refinish it for her the same way I had refinished a recent set of bedside tables she had purchased from me.  A couple coats of white satin paint and a few glossy clear coats later, I loved the way it looked!   


With the addition of the new satin nickel drawer pulls, I think this little retro dresser fits right in to any modern home now.   

 And really, who can resist those cute little pencil legs now!

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