Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Overview

I can hardly believe we've already reached the end of this year!  I love to look back at the projects I completed through the year and thought I'd share a quick overview.  I realized I didn't actually write up posts for a few of the projects so I have included a few pictures below along with the links to the projects WITH blog posts.  (Does that make sense?) :) I've also included some before & after pics of the townhouse reno at the bottom of the post!

 Townhouse Kitchen Makeover (no blog post)

  Townhouse Dining Table and Chairs Makeover (no blog post)


 Townhouse Master Bedroom Farmhouse Bedside Tables (no blog post) (DIY)


 Townhouse Living Room Coffee Table (no blog post) (DIY)

Townhouse Laundry Room Cabinet Makeover (no blog post)

Cedar Planter Boxes (no blog post) (DIY)

Sliding Lego Table (no blog post)  (DIY)

In addition, here are a few additional before and after pictures of the townhouse I renovated this summer!  What a HUGE job, but I am SO happy with how everything turned out!  
(PS - it's For Sale if you know of anyone looking!). ;)

Before / After

Thank you so much for popping by!  We wish you the very best for a very Happy New Year!!!

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