Sunday, May 17, 2015

Reclaimed Beauty

I picked up this piece as part of a set last year which also included a dresser and pair of side tables.  I refinished all but this one.  I wasn’t actually sure what to do with it!  It was an odd piece.  The base was square, but the top had a sort of triangular top that just seemed awkward.  I actually forgot to take a "before" picture, so this is the one I originally pulled from the sellers ad.

Because I’m on a mission to clear out my workshop and actually give myself more room to work, I knew this piece had to be finished sooner than later.  The top was long gone (I got rid of it shortly after I got the piece home) but debated what tdo replace it with.  I finally decided I would use reclaimed lumber.  Sadly, once I actually started piecing it together, I realized the lumber I had wasn’t going to work the way I wanted and really only had one good piece to use.  I decided to work with it and just used a couple new pieces of lumber as well which I distressed before staining.  I also added a simple French inspired transfer before finishing it all off with a glossy poly.

I started with a  light grey on the base and decided to add a dark glaze to give it a little depth.  I also tried a new clear coat product suggested by my local Benjamin Moore retailer.  It’s a water based clear varnish but in a “dead flat” finish.  I love the way it looks!  It has a subtle sheen which I find gives the look of a waxed finish.  I likely won’t use it on all my pieces as I still love the modern look of a glossy piece of furniture, but for a slightly more vintage look I wouldn’t hesitate to use this finish again.

I chose to use the original hardware on the bottom drawers.  They were originally a dated brass look and so after a few different paint colors, the updated finished look reminds me of aged zinc. A pair of glass drawer pulls on the top add just a little sparkle.

While I normally line the drawer interiors with a vinyl, I chose to leave these as is.  The original vintage-.look paper already in them just finish off the piece perfectly.

I’m so happy with the finished piece.  I honestly didn’t have much of a plan when I started on it and just let it develop as I went along. 

If you would like to add this piece to your home, please let me know.  Now available in my shop. 

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