Friday, July 19, 2013

Table x Two

These solid little side tables were part of the same furniture package that included this sofa table I refinished.   

A friend had asked me if I had any matching side tables in my furniture stash and so I set these aside to work on when I had time.  Eight months later (ack!) I finally dug them out!  She had already expressed interest in the desk and hutch I just finished and asked if I could refinish the side tables to match.  I started by stripping the tops .  I don’t know what sort of finish was on them, but whatever it was definitely took a LONG time to get off!   

After chemical stripper AND sanding, it still left a slight sheen in spots…of course, these only showed up after I started to apply the first coat of stain!  Out came the sandpaper again.  I think it happened twice?  Anyway, after 3 coats of stain (not including the previous coats before I had to sand it off again!) I finished it with 5 coats of poly. 

The base of each table was primed, sprayed in a crisp white satin and clear coated.   Once again I'm lovin' the curvy legs!

The drawers were painted to match the recent desk makeover, sprayed in a beautiful blue/green satin and clear coated.  

Even though I’ve had my paint sprayer for almost 2 years, I’m still learning new little tricks with it.  I am beyond thrilled with how smooth and glassy the drawers turned out!

I lined the dovetail drawers with the same  black and white vinyl I used in the desk.

The original drawer hardware was not only ugly and dated but the screws had been completely stripped, were bent and lodged so tightly in the drawer pull that the only way I could get them off was to actually ask my dad to take a metal grinder to them.   

I knew I wasn’t going to be reusing the hardware, so I didn’t care if they were damaged.   When it came to new hardware, I made the mistake of only measuring one of the side tables.  A lot of old furniture hardware is 2-7/8” on center…pretty much all new hardware is 3” on center.  The table I measured was the 2-7/8”.  They’re older tables, so I wasn’t surprised and ordered two new drawer pulls - at 2-7/8” -  from Lee Valley Tools.  A week later my order arrived and I couldn’t wait to see what the hardware looked like against the drawer color!  The first one went on perfectly.  When it came to the second table, I realized immediately I had a problem!  The spacing was wrong!!!  I grabbed my tape measure and sure enough – the holes were 3” on center!  ACK!  Looking at the “before” picture now, I can definitely see the difference, but at the time I didn’t even take a second glance at it!    

I had two choices – I could attempt to find new hardware that came in both sizes…or fill in the holes and redo the entire drawer from scratch (sanding, priming, painting, clear coat).  I tried to find new hardware, but nothing even came close to the hardware I’d ordered.  It was too late – I’d already fallen in love with it and  SO,  I filled in the holes and started over on the drawer.  While frustrating, it was all forgotten when I saw both tables with their gorgeous new hardware.  

And another before & after:

I hope these tables will work well in their new home! 

Thanks for popping by!

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