Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Sweet Little Night Table

Another DIY project for the townhouse!  

Partway through the reno, I had an itch to build something, so using some scrap lumber I had on hand, I decided to build a small little night table knowing we could use it for staging the third bedroom.

I cut all my lumber one afternoon and with the nice weather we were having at the time, I was able to spend some time assembling it in the backyard while my kids were playing.

For the top I used a scrap piece of MDF and routered a decorative profile along the edge.

To make assembly quick and easy, I used my Kreg Jig to drill all the pocket holes.  I knew I would want to hide them in the end, so using a 3/8” wooden dowel, I had my boys help me make our own “pocket hole plugs”…with a little glue, they slide into the pocket hole, and then after a small dab of wood filler, can be sanded smooth and painted over!

I wanted some cute little “feet” on the bottom, but wasn’t willing to spend a ton as the rest of the table was built from leftover scraps and I wanted to keep this as close to "free" as possible.  I went to one of our local lumber yards and picked up two wood stair balusters.  I cut off the portion I wanted, added some wooden dowel and was able to use that to attach it to the side table.  Perfect!  

After a coat of primer, some glossy paint and a single glass drawer pull for some sparkle, the table was completed and was perfect for the townhouse!  

Once the townhouse sells, I haven't decided if I'll be listing this one or keeping it for my daughter. ;)

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