Monday, October 14, 2013

My Kentwood Bookshelf

I’m back!!!!  After 3-1/2 months of renovation work, I’m thrilled to say the work on the townhouse is FINISHED!  I’ll need a little time to sort through all the photos and get them organized, but I can’t wait to share the big reveal with you.  I’m still amazed at the changes!

While working on this reno, I pretty much put all my personal projects on hold (hence the lack of posts the past few months).  I did manage to work on a couple DIY projects though as we got to the end of the reno and closer to the staging process.   

One of them included a bookshelf for the living room.  With the furniture going in, we were left with a “blank wall” that I felt needed to be filled up and decided I could build something.   I chose to use Ana White’s plan for her Kentwood bookshelf.  While my hubby had a couple guys over to watch hockey one evening, I spent a few hours in the garage cutting, drilling & assembling a bookshelf. 

I changed the plan a little and built it from ¾” sanded pine plywood that I had cut into 11-1/4” panels at the store and used SPF white wood for the “legs” and shelf edges.

While I normally go with a lighter chestnut color stain, I decided to try a darker color and choose Minwax Jacobean.  Wow – definitely darker than I was used to and a little scary applying to the white pine! 

Little side note - have you seen these amazing little painters triangles?  Placed under your project, they prop it up away from the floor or table surface and make painting or staining a piece SO much easier!!!

ANYWAY....because we were in a bit of a time crunch, I chose to only apply a single coat of stain and a single coat of wipe-on poly.  I’ll likely add a few additional coats of poly later on, but for now the bookshelf is the perfect piece to fill up that blank wall space.

Thanks for popping by!

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