Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Little Rescued Relic

Over the summer I went to see this little dresser after a few other people ahead of me decided to pass on it. (Pic is from the original online ad)

As soon as I saw it up close, I realized the problem.  Originally it would have had some cute little curvy legs, but at some point, someone had decided to chop them off!  


I’d like to think it must have been damaged during a move as I can’t seem to understand any other reason why you’d cut off those cutie little legs!  After I pointed out a few of the other issues (the paint was in rough shape and one of the drawer slides was cracked and broken as well), the seller agreed to lower the price and we loaded it into my van.

To add back some height to the dresser, I knew I had to replace the missing legs.  The problem was the only available premade furniture legs I could find locally were not only too big and bulky, but they were expensive!  Four new legs would have cost me almost DOUBLE what I originally paid for the dresser!  After some thought, I decided to make new legs using parts of the leftover wooden stair balusters I had after building my little DIY bedside table.  It worked!  Because the original cuts on the dresser were "off" and didn't leave much to work with, I had a little trouble cutting the legs to the required length so the dresser didn't wobble.  THAT was fun....eek.

After a good sanding, a crisp white paint and glossy clear coat, this beautiful little lady is standing tall again!    

I chose to use the original hardware but sprayed it in a glossy white to update it.  The addition of the black and white vinyl freshens up the inside of the drawers.   

With a new drawer slide and all new corner drawer supports, this lovely little lady will soon be added to my shop and ready to go to a new home!

 Before & After

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